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, tragic for all of us, tragic for yourselves, tragic for the future that awaits your children and mine. be an example for the rest of the country. follow the example of the city of los angeles and support this movement not based on whether or not you personally agree with it but because it is the democratic thing to do. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, my name is carol harvey. thank you for listening to this, supervisors. i saw -- i've been, by the way, made myself an embedded reporter with occupy san francisco from the beginning, september 17th because i am one of the 99% as well. i watched the footage of the attack on the camp the other night from home. i wasn't able to be down there. i would have, if i could have. i want to ask what on earth were they trying to accomplish by this attack on this camp? these people, we are not going away. is san francisco trying to show that they can be as brutal as the n. -- nypd. they were shouting the whole world is watching. and in fact, the whole world is watching. what is san francisco trying to do? align with seattle and
of this grant and the mayor coming to tell us that he supports these efforts in the strongest possible way and will over the next administration is just news that's important for everybody in the community. so we're proud to be here and i can't wait to see who hits that wall with that hammer. and begins the good work. congratulations, everyone. [applause] >> i think, with that, we're going to begin our ground breaking and i think our mayor has the opportunity for the first swing. mayor lee: are we ready? ok! [applause] >> hi. we'd like to welcome you to our brown bag lunch talk today. we do this every third thursday in san francisco. and today we are at e&e electric, 1775 mission street, right by the building department office where we are going to walk around and look at all of this fantastic equipment. shinny, wonderful stuff. complicated stuff. what could this possibly be used for? we have with us today, david green, senior electrical inspector who is a good friend of mine and a well-known sailor on the san francisco bay. you're going to sail this saturday. and mr. lloyd and mrs. lloyd.
as a supervisor and as a former organizer. i am sure you have heard this several times already but use are facing a difficult time in our city. this is not often reflected in our city. the number of children enrolled has increased from 2008 at 54% to 54% in 2010. this is not include people who are underemployed and and documented. decisions. we're trying to face funding. i'm going from a fleet of 44 buses to 25. it is important that the city worse together to find a solution to address that. i think that this is an important project for the city. we have to put our money where our mouth is. we can encourage young people to write for free. i know students who wait for sudden bus drivers to come to their corner because they will allow them and their siblings on for free because they cannot afford passes. i know that they get on the buses weekly and make it cited an that is just the reality we are facing here today. i know that we are selling half of the passes that we did several years ago. we used to to sell 20,000 and just last month was sold 10,000. and make that all right. that can change the c
to know that the press often covers us when our daughter is long. i have not heard any articles about how short it is. i am quite proud of that. president mazzucco: great work. i appreciate that. item number three, general public comment. secretary falvey: the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on this agenda but that are within the shot that matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, either police or occ personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public and but, they provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain, however, from entering into any debate or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. president mazzucco: could we have the first member of the public come on up? good evening, clyde. >> and let me compliment to tenderloin p
on behalf of mator's office of neighborhood services. mayor lee will be joining us later. with the invocations, we would like to invite pastor stacey kerns. >> good amp. let us pause for a moment to invite the presence of god. shall we pray together? god, our help in ages past, our hope in years to come, we invite your holy presence to bless this celebration of african-american history month. we give up thanks and praise for the legacy, the creativity, the genius and contributions of african-american people everywhere. we pray that you would strengthen this organization and strengthen all organizations that support telling the story of black history. and so today we ask that as we continue on the journey. that we might be able to do justice, love kindness, and walk hummably -- humbly with our god. may you bless this time together and all god's children say amen, amen, amen. >> and now if you would stand for "lift every voice and sing," sung by leah suites. >> ok. everyone can join in with me. ♪ lift every voice and sing ♪ tell up in heaven rings ♪ rings with a harmo
i know you keep hearing it and you're probably tired of us hearing it, start giving us what we want. we are not going to go until you do that. the end of story. that is the end of it. it is directed to the point, but that is what it is. we are not going anywhere. we are not afraid of you. if you are not going to push us out of here. this is our home. we live here. we are going to occupy until you give us what we want. what we want is civil liberties. his basic fundamental rights of the human being. very basic. let us say what we want if we do not feel that you are doing the right thing. even if you maybe. even if you may be doing the right thing. let us have the right to say that we do not necessarily agree with what you are doing and what you are saying. let us have the right to sit on the ground in a park that our tax dollars pay for. our tax dollars pay for it. your tax dollars pay for it. he can join us if you want. -- you can join us if you want. [applause] you can take off your badge and you can join us if you want. i would love to have you. you are my brother. the lady who is
that only supplies the receptacles that you're going to be using for the computer or sensitive equipment is one answer. you want to make sure that you install that circuit, the wires are remote from any radio frequency devices or any other circuits that might impose a radio frequency on them. >> what kind of wires would impose a radio frequency? >> it could be a computer, another computer, it could be the microwave oven. >> you want to separate is from any other -- >> ideally. if you're running your wires in a raceway or an armored cable that uses ferrous metal, that protects those conductors against these radio frequencies much better than nonmetallic cable. that would be another strategy. and then if you're in a commercial installation where it is really, really important, you put in isolation transformers adjacent to the equipment. that's the most expensive solution but the best solution is to actually put an isolation device right at your equipment. they also have filters that you can buy, but that's a commercial-grade installation. residentially, a dedicated circuit, try to separate
blitzer in the shutation room, it starts right now. >> fear the u.s. could soon be facing yet another credit downgrade. eyes and pressure on the congressional super committee. stand by. new information coming in. also, u.s. troops weeks away from leaving iraq. will iran move to fill some sort of void? i will talk about that and more this hour. with iraq's ambassador to the united states. he has strong views. >>> and karl rove warning rick perry is making a big mistake by signing on to one controversial issue many people thought would settle. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the "the situation room." >>> president obama is going around congress for his latest plan. he is out west focusing in on the ongoing housing crisis that continues to drag down the u.s. economy. he wants it make it easier for a homeowners who are under water to refinance and he is unveiling his plan in one of hardest hit housing markets in the country. we are talking about las vegas nevada. jessica is joining us now with details. jessica, what is the president doing? >> he is rolling out a new plan to help homeowners dr
happens they can help /thefplgz. themselves. if you can help yourself you take a load off of us. yourself, your neighbors a few hours after, we know that [inaudible] activated a few times for y 2 k after 911 we had people. the [inaudible] has not know tried yet if you go there after a disaster you will be by yourself. a few hours after, that's when people form and that's when they help out. >> this is the home work. you don't have to write it down it's in the manual. simple things for your home. hazardous conditions in our house. there is a course evaluation in the back of the book. i'm rob [laughter]. >> okay. let's get into the program today is utility control and fire hazard material. we will teaching how to turn your utility's off and what hazardous materials to look for. >> the first thing is natural gas. what do you know about natural gas? flammable. it goes, boom. it's important to shut this off. we use it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do
asking you to approve passes for the final months because it had a financial impact to us. the program is currently on hold now, pending the conversation around this program. as you know, supervisor campos is leading a coalition of advocacy groups evaluating this program. a budget analysis also completed a recent analysis with our input. the current program that is being championed is the free fares for all youth, unlimited access to muni at all times, clipper cards. this would be used to evaluate the program as a three-year pilot program. including the continuation of the $1.4 million subsidy moving forward. the budget analysis report including that writer should increase -- ridership increased. they develop more costs from the loss of their revenue. and some additional incremental costs. the budget analysis, while they did not report the potential service increase, they did not include in that total, because they felt that, in the hiss -- historically, they felt this would continue for this program as well. we also wanted to bring in front of you other models that other cities are do
by the city librarian. please join us that the's abbottabad award goes to jose leon and chiles, chiles, chiles. [cheers and applause] jose is a san francisco native, born and raised in the mission district. he has worked in the nonprofit community for almost 30 years and is well known and respected for his support of youth involvement and empowerment. he has dedicated his work to make sure toyouth are well represented in our opportunity and that they had the opportunity to experience the wealth and richness of music and the arts. congratulations, and thank you for all your work in the mission district. [applause] >> you know, i would just like to say something peter i am very honored. thank you very much. but i have to think the parents. all the wonderful parents better here and all the wonderful students that i have worked with. so please give them a round of applause. thank you. [applause] >> we will be lucky enough to hear jose at the end of our program tonight. it is important to recognize dianna and also one of our sponsors deny, wells fargo, who is presenting with us in san francisco lat
these conversations are fruitful to help us better understand how to convey information to our constituents and convey information to the mta as well. i want to say thank you to the mta for a couple of things that did work. in terms of the nx service, we have heard nothing but positive things. they are able to get downtown if they live in the outer avenues without having to worry about delays. i wanted thank you for that. it has been nothing but positive, in terms of feedback, from what we have heard from our constituents. it also helps with the large number of boardings sometimes when we did not have the express service. i also want to thank you for having the real time information. i have get to see how it will look yet, and oftentimes people will be calling our office to see if there are any issues within the system. i know john haley is looking at a process to analyze different bus lines to see what we can do to improve operations. i do want to thank the mta for looking at these things and starting working on those things that we can control. a couple of things that are still problematic, in terms
and track the latest contributions. easy to use, it helps you navigate the political landscape with twitter feeds and facebook updates from the campaigns. plus, links to c-span media partners, all at c- span.org/campaign2012. president obama hence to nevada today for a couple of campaign events as part of a three-day trip through western states. the associated press reports the president will talk about jobs. nevada has the nation's highest unemployment rate at nearly 13.5%. the president goes to california tomorrow, colorado tomorrow night. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann was in iowa this past weekend for several campaign events. she spoke to this conversation at a service in cash out -- at cavalry bible church. she talked about the trip that her ancestors made to the u.s. before settling in iowa. she talks about how her fate has affected her life. trolley after arriving, she greeted congregation members. this is about 55 minutes. >> what is your name? good to meet you. hello, mary. you are an old farmer? i married a young one. >> thank you. >> she want to get a picture
the multinational nature of the crisis, the graphic you never -- graphic user interface system, which one was used? >> we went to googleearth. i miss that. we were able to develop and be a bit, which went down of the revolt of 0 in the morning in the afternoon. in terms of water, we found that when we were measuring it, they were all used in japan. everyone was tied up with the crisis. to get real-time information on water, we had to use our portable kids, which were not calibrated sufficiently to be reliable. and we have the results immediately fed back to us. in order to react responsibly, we had to be able to have reliable instrumentation and data as the basis of decisions. that is what we learned out of this. >> microphone working here. the information in california was slow. seven days. how do we address warnings without causing panic? >> i think the to start with an understanding that, in the case of radiation, the first questions that we need to ask, number one, is the plant up and operating? or did it shut down? is there a potential release of a lethal doses that requires immediate status
know you spoke about using a scalpel approach, and i want to know if that was applied on sunday night and what is the impulse is going forward. >> there was one speaker who at 2:00 was told they were provided with written notice. i had asked that the leaflets, i am just going to go by that particular speaker. at least one person was noticed, and i would assume more, and that went on through the day. as far as the damaged property goes, i think anyone who has seen in the video clips, it was a rather hectic situation, and if something was damaged, there is a claims processo that occupy sfers can avail themselves of if someone's personal property was damaged. that was the first i have heard of something being damaged. >> when there is notice given not to protesters or a plan for what happened on sunday, would you please let us know, because i know that we are going to get an earful, and for us to find out afterwards, we cannot be too careful. >> i am happy to do that as long as everyone understands such a notice would be in complete confidence because the safety of the officers and the w
' clear, following an ordinance, regulations, rules, that the cops have rated us four times now. i hear the most of present time, the dtw wasn't part of this one. the cops through all the stuff in a dump truck. i was wondering about that. and also why there have been several meetings with various city officials and they all have been behind closed doors. why no one can take responsibility for who actually finalizes the decision for the cops to move then on tearing down our campus and pretty much raping us in so many words. everyone claims that our public health and safety is our concern. we are not able to have tents and medical supplies because they keep getting stolen and rated by the police. this does not make sense. [applause] president chiu: i just want to reiterate and ask for your respect for the board rules. i appreciate the comments that we have had. we have rules in this chamber for reason, so we can facilitate democracy. we want to be able to do this efficiently. higher appreciate your respect. thank you. >> i am a public servant, my name is robert benton. in 1999, when class
outside of government. the government was not created there to allow us to have liberty. if we are going to have government, and which should be limited, should be precisely to protect those liberties that are rightfully our own. [applause] the misunderstanding of ownership of course it means it's your body and people shouldn't tell you what to do with your body. it tells you what he cando with your liberty. you should use your liberty for my viewpoint and my advice use it in a productive manner. i see liberty as therelease of creative energy coming into the purpose is to work for excellence and virtue. believing that once you deliver that responsibility, the government, all they do is undermine liberty coming and it ruins the efforts to be productive and to improve oneself. but if one is convinced that we have this responsibility it means two things, one, you deserve to keep the fruits of your labor which means there shouldn't be an income tax. [cheers and applause] now that part is easily understood. the second half of it is n now that part is easily understood. the second ha
illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> governor romney. >> rick, i don't think that i have ever hired an illegal in my life. i look forward to finding your facts on. >> the newspaper. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> i'm speaking. >> once or twice last night the level of intensity particularly between governors perry and romney got to be like 7th graders in a schoolyard and i felt uncomfortable and i thought it hurt the entire republican party. >> first, did i need to walk around and get between them and say let's just get along. >> they had illegal immigrants working there and when that was pointed out to us we let them go and went to us and said -- >> do you -- >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest if you want to become president of the united states you got to let people speak to let me speak. >> geraldo: are republicans, though, eating their young? one of our most gracious and measured contemporar
and are used as external storage devices. >> translator: since supplies are running out, a lot of companies are eager to secure their stock. i'm concerned supply may fall short of demand ahead of the year-end sales season. >>> a full day has passed since a powerful earthquake shook turkey. hundreds of emergency workers are searching for signs of life in the rubble. they fear many people could be trapped in broken-down buildings. so far, this quake has killed more than 230 people. >> the tremor measures 7.2 in magnitude. it hit eastern turkey close to the border with iran. interior minister idris naim sahin says along with the dead, more than 1,000 people are hurt. prime minister recep tayyip erdogan visited the disaster area soon after the quake. he said countless people could be trapped in collapsed buildings. he promised swift rescue efforts. >> translator: we want to get people out alive. rescue efforts are going on throughout the night. >> soldiers and more than 1,200 emergency personnel are working together. they're dealing with constant aftershocks. survivors spent the night in tents.
then it must be a design. therefore there are a guide to take care of us. no guides to take care of us could read mead -- live a meaningless existence of i am in agnostic. i just don't know but i could live with that uncertainty. just my state of being. by what that teaches us people need a favor.ces but then everything that we do adds up.and that brings me to the second of their. some of the arch reactionary put in the wake of the beautiful future and of course, that is what attracted me and then hefo began as a radical to join a group of radicals in st. petersburg and was arrested but if they were we don't know but there lourdes convicted and kept in jail for, months than marched out without any warning to the upper raid were there were three executione states and they started to put on the blindfolds on in then executed than the groups of three and just before the order of fire began somebody rode up to give them the reprieve.ga it was a plan of the lazard just to punish them. we don't know of this triggered his epilepsy provide not a happy experience but but from there to have the change
it is because we listen first. they did not want us here to invest $50,000 in one shop that may not make a difference. we spread that out to everybody. everybody feels the city is paying attention. i think that is why we're doing it well here. i also want to think marcihank . the corporations out here guide us as to what we can do better. i know you've been out here with the community challenge grant doing all of the small business improvement stuff. we're just the beginning. $40,000 in the grants and for the businesses will help go along way. we're making our business mark with llamas cafmama's cafe. they have been successful in mid-market on clemens. and irving streets and all around. when you create these park? klets people come out and use the sidewalk and a more productive way. using our sidewalks in the most creative way, that is how we get more positive attention on to these areas. i am gl's cafe create a more exciting sidewalk in these areas. these are things we can do in all of our commercial corridors so the businesses cannot only sustain themselves, they can create local jobs
. critically important in this discussion was the identification of the lead federal agency for us. it was u.s. aid. what they provided for us was an avenue for funding. for direct contact with the government of japan. direct contact with the u.s. embassy. what that does, it helps to establish policy and guidance. for those who are looking at ways to now think of these sorts of operations as case studies in which you can test your ideas with the state of california and how you would respond, i would strongly endorsed that you look at policy and guidance. that is something that cannot be assumed away. as you go from the local level to the municipal level, then the state level, and where you plug in with the federal government, this for assumption that we are on the same page and working off the same set of standards is something on which i reach out. to the extent that we were dealing with a contaminated, radiological environment, it was important to have a nuclear regulatory commission. it plugged into the washington, dc environment. the technical expertise that resided in the department of en
better match our stock guidelines. i would note that removing the bus allows us to remove the bus from a major downtown bike route. removing all those bus rounds and residents required to make good sense allows us to create 20 new parking spaces. we are removing 14 parking spaces from the south side on the yen a block and two additional spaces, but there is a net gain of four parking spaces in the neighborhood, and we are adding an area of eligibility for residents of the south side to make sure they can take advantage of the new spaces we are creating. the reason why we are here is because we need your approval of these traffic regulations so we can move forward with the grant. we need to start our design phase and know that we have a project so that we can continue forward. at the benefits 20,000 riders by improving the travel time reliability. right now, our travel times can vary anywhere from one to eight minutes. that is a seven-minute variation, and you can understand that that would lead us to have a hard time. we do think it will say travel times -- reduce travel times by about
in contact with us. thank you very much. >> i am terry jones and i have been marching with occupy san francisco. i am so happy after going to so well arranged demonstrations against the invasion of iraq, all of those demonstrations did nothing. i am in all of the members of this movement that just take the space, and take the time at a time in history when corporations and the rich are taking all of the space, and taking all of the time away from us. i am just amazed by the members and appreciate listening to all of them and have been so deeply shocked at hearing what san francisco, the rulers of san francisco are doing. it is out of the spirit of san francisco. these people need our support. these people need to be nurtured. they are involved in an beautiful experiment, trying to envision a just world and they need to some support, and they need to have a roof over their heads, even if this is just fabric. it is shocking that our city will not allow us to have this, and that the mayor, who is responsible. whose side are you on? >> the next speaker? i am carolyn miers, a citizen in su
" a very ominous survey on the economy that can really affect each and every one of us. a vast majority of economists surveyed says a whooping eight out of ten businesses say the economy will grow only slightly this year, just 2% or less. that is simply not enough for job growth. jon: the very same survey by the national association for business economics finds companies are not hiring because of sluggish growth projections. 29% of respondents say they expect employment will increase in the next six months. that is the lowest number in nearly two years. but there is even more troubling news as 12% of those businesses polled say the labor market will weaken even more. and that is a big problem given that our national unemployment rate is stuck at more than 9%. jenna: those are the prediction. here is another report, it's far from the only kind of warning we have on the economic front. new fears today about another debt downgrade for the united states. that could happen, according to some reports, within the next month. elizabeth mcdonald with the fox business network is live with the det
but unequal. it is understates rights -- is under states' rights. after lincoln had freed us from slavery, they instituted this law, separate but equal, and the state had sanctioned it. but everything there was, even when they had things that were federal, they would put a rope up, and the white people would be on one side, and the black people on the other side. i prayed. i'm a baptist. i hope was that the people would hear about the injustices. [applause] >> thank you very much for giving us those highlights. we want to move to a different era in this nation's history, when those signs are no longer present, but their presence is felt. with that, i turned t to bryonn bain. >> i am supposed to perform a piece, but i just feel like i want to talk to you. can i bring the format and do that? is that ok? i am honored and humbled to be aired. i want to acknowledge the presence of my elders, ancestors who made it possible for me to be here today. i am away by -- the more i hear, the more i read, the more i research -- i was not doing anything nearly as courageous at 18 years old. looking back,
are looking at a few different uses, a few different uses for that theater. hopefully the ultimate adaptive reuse will be supportive. this is for the multi-screen theater, with a large cultural entertainment facility or a combination of the culture -- for the movie screen use and the different things that we are looking at would bring up to 100 more jobs for the community. this is a very important revitalization project for the mission, and i will be working with supervisor campos and supervisor kim on that legislation. we have met with the planning department and some of them have come to see the theater to look at the different options, and i am here to support the motion going forward and just to say hello, so you know that we will be back before you before too long. thank you so much. >> the next speaker? >> your theater will thrill me in the night make the item turn on the beverage and alcoholic alright you're fighting for your beverage license in the night creatures come out on the theater you'll be scared like you should and creatures great and small make it turn out good and all. th
in the united states and even abroad, it doesn't surprise any of us. i asked the city to be measured and smart in recognizing the frustrations that continue to accommodate in a way that none of us should be surprised. that we have been subverted in our ability to attend to the needs of the people. we rely on the people at state and federal to do what we think is right and it should not be a surprise that people are taking to the streets. [applause] don't applaud. i rise because i am submitting a piece of law today that comes after many years of us trying to figure out a way that we could really make an impact on reducing recidivism in san francisco. we have tried many different strategies, and thus trying to improve public safety by getting to the core of what continues to exacerbate the challenges of public safety. the 7 it is police department and the san francisco district attorney prosecutes. when you recognize that fact, the reality that san francisco has the unemployment rate, general population unemployment rate hovering between 9% and 10% as we try to get around the economic woes. in m
. >>> madame secretary, thank you for joining us. are you in herman cain's famously designated becky-becky-becky-stan. >> there's a zero, zero, zero chance i'm going to comment on republican politics, but i am in uzbekistan. >> we have mark haleprin. we also have the president of the council on foreign relations, richard hoss back with us. good to have you, richard. >> boy, hillary was at the top of her game yesterday, wasn't she? >> i thought she was great on "meet the press" and really seems like she has a handle on the situation. >> well, there's so many situations. >> so many. >> which -- i mean -- all the situations that people like herman cain don't have a grasp on. if you look at this past weekend. and look at all of the things that have gone down in the news, then you have -- you realize now is not the time to send an amateur to the white house. so whoever wins the republican nomination better have a firmer grasp on foreign affairs than the current front-runner. look, iraq, what does that mean? we're getting out of iraq. what is that going to mean for u.s. foreign policy? wha
and your portfolio. >>> could there be some pleasant surprises in store for the u.s. economy? one of america's top bankers says there are signs of life that they're watching. >>> and my conversation with golf great annika sorenstam. how she's teaching winning ways to a new generation of female athletes. "the wall street journal report" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program, "the wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >> a crucial european summit this weekend, the goal? to chart a comprehensive course out of the sovereign debt crisis, stabilize the banks and calm international markets. the summit led by german chancellor angela merkel and french president nicolas sarkozy taking place on sunday in belgium. the markets had a choppy week moving in concert with worries about europe, down 250 points on monday, up 180 points on tuesday, then bouncing around later on in the week. the markets rebounded on friday. we're in the thick of earnings season and so far, a mixed picture to report, though not as bad as some had feared. goldman sachs fel
excuse us. shhh-shh! >>> desperate search. rescue teams scramble to find survivors after a massive earthquake rocks turkey. >>> liberation day. a joyful celebration in libya marks the end of gadhafi and the end of democracy. >> pitching gem. derek holland contains the big bats of st. louis to put the rangers back in the hunt for a their first world series ring. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, october 24th, 2011. good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. >>> a powerful and deadly earthquake in turkey. hundreds of rescue teams worked through the night and search for survivors believed to be trapped beneath dozens of collapsed building. the 7.2 quake hit north of turkey. at least 217 are known to have died, but hundreds are still missing this morning. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: it's a real struggle in turkey at this hour to simply find survivors, so the full extent of the casualties is not going to be known for some time. president obama said the u.s. stands shoulder-to-shoulder with tur
? people, yeah. i'm in my 70s. last year, i found my birthplace, which i never used to know. they were logging there. and my son came. he said, "mom, come and see your beautiful place where you was born." he took me on a skiff, and we went down, and i thought it was pretty. my grandpa john-- he was the first church leader here, and he asked them if they were christians. they didn't know what he meant, so he baptized them and let them become orthodox christians-- russian orthodox. lots of people were thankful because they didn't know. they thought the raven was their god. [cook] sometimes what you find historically can be reaffirmed by what people remember, by who's in the cemetery, and a lot of times what has happened in historical record is people weren't asked. people are not oblivious to their surroundings or their own events, and by tapping that resource, you can make history belong to those people as well as to the record of history. [speaking foreign language] the village is named by the sukpik. this place was nanwalek, and then the russians code-named us alexandrovsk, and then s
, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. >>> we begin this morning with a powerful and deadly earthquake in turkey. hundreds of rescue teams worked through the night and search for survivors believed to be trapped beneath dozens of collapsed building. the magnitude 7.2 quake hit eastern turkey near the border with iran. they say 80 buildings collapsed. at least 217 are known to have died, but hundreds are still missing this morning. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest. susan, good morning. >> hi, terrell. good morning. >> reporter: it's a real struggle in turkey at this hour to simply find survivors, so the full extent of the casualties is not going to be known for some time. president obama said the u.s. stands shoulder-to-shoulder with turkey right now and is ready to help. rescue crews pulled this man out alive from a collapsed building in eastern turkey this morning, after desperately looking for any sign of life. a 7.2 magnitude quake shook the remote region on sunday, flattening buildin
in waterloo. they took us to the same church bring up and we sat each week in the same pew. my grandmother taught bible study there. but when we grew up, i know without a shadow of a doubt in our lutheran church that the gospel was preached from the pulpit. i have no doubt it was breached. but i have to confess to you that i did not understand it. we would go to sunday school in the morning and we have our bibles and i would take -- my bible with and it just did not make any sense to me. there was a vital part of the week. life went on. my father got a job in honeywell in minneapolis. about a year after we moved up to minnesota, my parents unfortunately got a divorce. there were the first in my family to have a divorce. it happens to millions of people, but it was the first in our family. it was shocking to people. we immediately almost overnight when to below poverty. my father had left my mother had been a full-time homemaker. it was myself and my three brothers. i want you to know god has a tremendous sense of humor. there is no place that is better preparation for politics than for a g
to celebrate with us. >> latino heritage in san francisco. buenos noches, san francisco. [applause] >> it is and honor to celebrate the achievements and have so many great honorees here tonight. they enhance our economic, educational, and artistic environment in san francisco. we want to thank everyone for their participation, especially in the latino month heritage committee and the consul generals, and all of our presenters who helped represent our community so well. >> i work in the mayor's office of housing and community development. and the community builder for the district 9 and 11. i am presenting tonight. >> i am from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. thank you for being here tonight. it is good to see you. supervisor cohen, thank you for joining us tonight. where would like to present our mayor, mayor edwin m. lee. [applause] >> good afternoon. it is my pleasure to celebrate with you latino heritage month in san francisco. welcome! we live in a very unique place. i know the history of our own city has been wonderfully filled with people from the south to move t
captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> thank you for joining us. it was a monumental that change in libya. people have been waiting in long lines to see the body of muammar gaddafi. the new leaders have declared liberation and began to lay out the road ahead. >> libya's freed. nolan♪ >> the allied national anthem is back. -- the outlawed national anthem is back. this is a celebration but it is also relief, relief that the muammar gaddafi is gone. >> no more fear. >> while some regions, others flood to the city of ms. misrata. he is being displayed in a meet refrigeration locker. these people are not here to pay their respects. >> this is the end of a dictator. we're happy to see that. >> just as he died remains controversial. an autopsy today confirm he died of a gunshot to the head. that is a bigger issue outside libya than it is here. death means the country can afford. but it will not be easy. the rebel militias that vanquished his forces are not eager to give up power to a united army. while the street to remarkably and save today -- remarka
by closed captioning services, inc. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by year's end. and libya's muammar qaddafi is killed. dramatic changes in the middle east lance scape offer both opportunity and challenge for u.s. foreign policy. we'll talk with secretary of state hillary clinton and republican senator lindsay graham. then, a new phase in the 2012 republican presidential race. with debates on hold for now, the candidates get down to real campaigning. we continue our one on one series of interviews with congress woman michele bachmann. plus, the romney/perry matchup gets physical. we'll ask the sunday panel how it shakes up the battle for the gop nomination. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. on friday, president obama announced he will keep a campaign promise and bring all u.s. troops home from iraq by the end of the year. earlier we spoke with secretary of state hillary clinton in uzbekistan about iraq and the death of muammar qaddafi. >> secretary clinton the u.s. commander in iraq wanted upwards of 15,000 tro
to use insanity defense, but the lawyers did not use that. the prosecution will use taped interviews with the changing story and the expert and dna evidence. >> the family said they believe in the justice system. >> i hope to find closure after this. if i could say one word, it would be why. >> she walked around the store in size 14 shoes to alter the footprints. they hope to have a jury picked tomorrow night. back to you. . >> that trial should last about eight days. >>> dozens of police officers have been indicted in the case today, 25-year-old jury digs and the 39-year-old, the father pleaded guilty to respond to car accidents in the city. they had their cars towed, even though that company was not authorized to tow for the city. they got paid hundreds to get referred and then in turn file claims and the insurance companies got larger amounts of money -- each man could get five years in prison. >>> more on the corruption trial in the case of a state senator that will use his power in the grocery store chain. what was said today? >> the lieutenant above was part of the parade of fa
're important to us and they will stay as we grow in scale. we need a better culture and compassion and empathy where we serve all in our community, not just those with the louded voice and most money and influence. i look forward to getting your support and i hope you join joy anna.com. thank you. >> thank you to the moderators and league of women voters. it's my privilege to be your mayor the last nine months. we have solved very important issues already. it's only through this kind of process it is only through that kind of process that we get through the very critical issues that face us. if we're not growing jobs and growing our economy, we're going to be in deep trouble. we cannot afford to have a blip right now with so many people needing those jobs. so a simple decision that we made, that we worked hard at, an example like twitter, immediately infuses $95 million into the economy on that one decision. we have many more decisions to come that will continue growing our business is, making sure businesses stay in making sure they create jobs for our local residents. we can do that, and wou
that come into the city using that exit. it also takes away metered parking. i know that the plan has a net increase of two parking spaces. it could be three. but that is not on our street. that is somewhere else. right now, where do i stop to unload my groceries without being in an opposite direction of oncoming traffic for a bus? they eliminate every single bit of parking on the south side of the street. the businesses -- 100% of the businesses on those blocks are in opposition of this. even more important to that, i posted a flier on the corner and had 120 of my neighbors stop by my front door and knock on it to say they would like to sign the petition so that the board of mta knows that we do not support this. we have tried to engage the folks at mta, and they have been very good about this, but the grants for the project is limited. it is very limited in scope. we want to work on it. we are not opposed to two-wide bus traffic, but the way the plan as outlined does not solve those plans. what we are asking again is a little more reason about why things are done this way or maybe even th
morning. i am lisa robinson. >> i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> you do not look irish. it is a bit chilly. there is a touch of fog. i was talking about your accent. not your barry white voice. there is no rain. 44 degrees at the airport. i do not think the fog will affect your drive time. it could reduce visibility. we will make it into the 60's. we could see some rain showers this afternoon. we will check the seven-day forecast when i come back in just a few minutes. >> good morning. one problem around timonium road. the right lane is blocked by a disabled vehicle. a bit of a delight. 61 miles per hour on the north side at bel air road. moving well down towards baltimore national pike. the j.f.x. is equally smooth. is move right on 95. five minutes on southbound 95 down towards the fort mchenry. eight minutes on 895 south down towards the tunnel. this is traffic and we start on the harrisburg expressway. we have the northbound disabled vehicle. not enough volume to create much avenue the lead. this is traffic at the key bridge. so far so good. the bay b
's death. >> we actually had a conversation with jayna when she was helping us at the store and it was unbelievable. like someone that you talked to a month ago is now dead. i was shocked. >> reporter: the store was closed for several weeks after the murder and renovated before it reopened. even so, it will be hard for people to forget what happened here. >> it was really scary to see in bethesda. so top of mind for everyone around here. >> reporter: prosecutors say they have plenty of forensic evidence against norwood who they believe killed murray after she found stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. strongest evidence against norwood may be recordings of her repeatedly changing her story, possibly to cover her tracks. many said they planned to follow the trial to friday and make sense of it all. >> it is a horrendous crime, coworkers, should have been some type of intervention. i doubt if it was an instant impulsive act. >> it is like my age and just so freaky and weird and i have been reading about it in the paper but i am curious to see what is going on with it. >> repor
>> let me read it to you -- this morning, the earth shook and through us from our beds. we were not hurt, just stunned. do you see earth? something shook, and she's looking outside the window to see what else is going on. something would probably do, too? dishes crashed, pots and pans fell. ancestral portraits flew off the walls. we packed up all we could carry. bedding, clothing, food, utensils. that is what happened after the room was shaken. and they called somebody papa. do you know who that is in chinese? >> grandmother? >> yes, grandmother. that is a grandmother. ok, that is what i call my grandmother, pawpaw. that is kind of fun. mama told us to hurry. where extra layers of clothes and prepare for safety. see, they're all getting ready, because they do not know if the shaking is going to stop. so when the earthquake kids, it is not just for one time sometimes. it lasts for a long time. so they wanted to get out. pawpaw hurried out to seek help and returned with a cart and two kinsmen. carefully and slowly we made our way down the stairs to load the cart with our belonging
michael grimm. he is here speaking with some of the occupy wall streeters. he will be joining us from nearby staten island. >> i am here to represent me as a person and unify me with every other individual person. >> do you feel in peril or danger. >> by what? by voices? what are voices going to do? just a voice an opinion. it's an idea. if you are ignorant you are starir scared of ideas. we have police forces carefully monitoring. >> congressman come on in. do you feel threatened at all? >> i don't feel threatened. >> it's kind of a benign crowd. >> i am also a combat veteran in the marine corps. i don't feel threatened very easily. >> i was going to ask you about libya and iraq. we will have plenty from the crowd. you can see they are having chanting and poetry readings and everything else you could possibly image. first i want to go to politics full contact politics of a more traditional kind. did you see the last gop presidential debate? what does that blogger from the politics and gop? >>> what was it about the dynamic between mitt romney and rick perry that concerns you? >> num
to reduce emissions by 2% through these improvements. further, u.s. improved fuel efficiency by approximately 111% since 1978 from 2000 to 2009, u.s. carriers reduced fuel burn and carbon emissions by 15% while carrying 7% more passengers and cargo. at a meeting last week, i alone with chairman mica and several other members of the committee met with european union representatives to express our willingness to work with our friends to come to a more equityible solution to this problem, and -- equitable solution to this problem and i believe the meeting was very productive. we made it quite clear that the e.u. my way or the highway approach was totally unacceptable and we will take every action necessary to prevent the implementation of these unnecessary and dangerous -- and we made it clear that the congress will stand up and defend the sovereignty of the united states. with that i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from wisconsin. mr. petri: mr. speaker, i yield such time as he may consume to our colleague from pen
to talk to the young leader of power. he pointed something out -- this is not just us all of a sudden deciding that it wouldn't it be nice to hand this out. the explanation is there is a cut in school bus service that is out of our control. the school board would tell us is out of their control. there is something new that has arisen. it is not just us trying to give something away. this is our responding to something new. that is an important point that was brought up today. i am sorry i did not mention it earlier. chairman nolan: i understand the issue that was raised. there might be summer -- some ways around that. i understand a number of the kids in the city do not take advantage of the lunch program because they are feeling stigmatized by it. one final thing -- how many fun of things that i said? -- how many final things have i said? we had a president several years ago who was forced with a serious budget shortage. he cut service by 10%. we were urged by the mayor and supervisors to restore as much of that as we could. we restored 641% -- 6.1%. there was an effort by the mayor
their mortgage bills. norah o'donnell joins us this morning with the details. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: the president's jobs billed is stalled in congress. today, president obama is going to begin a series of executive branch actions in order to help jump-start the economy. first up, housing. guess what? the president is on the west coast today. he is going to be in las vegas which, of course, is the heart of the housing problem in this country. we know, of course, that many people believe that the housing recovery is tied to economic recovery. so here is what the president is going to be doing today. he is announcing what senior officials call major overhaul of the underused refinance program. bottom line, you've under water and you've been paying your bills and you can't refinance and can't get ahold of the great rates out there for people this program the president will announce will enable people to fix that and remove a lot of the barriers in place for people who can't refinance and take advantage of some of the savings out there. i think you'll hear the presid
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